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Welcome to Palma Cigars Full Bar & Lounge
Our own line of Dominican Republic hand-rolled cigars, individually, boxed, or by the bundle compare to the very finest, well known cigars.
Looking for cigar boxes, lighters, cutters and other accessories? Stop by our Denver shop.
Clay Carlton of Palma Cigars is the Rocky Mountain Regions only cigar roller.

Palma Cigars are known for being the only handmade cigars in Colorado. They are known for very high quality, hand selected leaf cigars. For the cigar Aficionado, a visit to Denver isn’t complete without stopping by Palma Cigar and Wine Bar.


Palma Cigar Company has been a leader in the Colorado wine industry for over 5 years. Our stock is always changing as new artisan wines become available, the selections include Reds, Whites and a variety of Ports.


Master cigar roller Clay Carlton travels extensively to demonstrate the art of cigar making. Over the years, Clay has demonstrated his talents for large corporations such as Rolls Royce, Schlumberger Co., Hildebrandt Energy to name a few, he enjoys the personal touch of rolling cigars for weddings, Golf Tournaments or any event where cigar rolling is appreciated. Clay relates to every client on a professional level, from Black tie events to Cuban themes, his first concern is “serving the clients guests, properly”.

A recent client wrote:
“When Clay is rolling cigar for demonstration, he is truly in his element.”

All event cigars are custom blended by Clay, using very high quality Dominican Republic long filler leaf, with a variety of wrapper leafs available to satisfy every taste.

About Palma Cigars

Palma Cigars has been in the cigar business for more than 25 years, so we know how to make quality cigars. We are the only cigar manufacturers in the state of Colorado and we have our own line of Dominican Republic hand-rolled cigars that compare to the very finest, well known cigars. Come enjoy our quality cigars in our full bar & lounge.