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The Correct Way to Ash your Cigar

Cigars should be ashed in a certain way!

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Smoking cigars is different than smoking cigarettes in many ways. For starters, a cigar’s smoke is never inhaled (on purpose at least!), and then there’s the whole deal with the cigar’s ash. So how does it work exactly?

It is often assumed that a cigar should be either tapped off regularly or allowed to burn until the ash falls off, but neither is correct. The ash insulates the burn, so if you are constantly tapping your cigar as if it were a cigarette, the “cherry” will be frequently exposed and it could also either fall off or make the cigar burn too hot and affect its taste. Likewise, if the ash is left on for too long then the cigar can become too cool and potentially prone to extinguish itself.

The best method for ashing a cigar is to routinely and gently roll it in the ashtray to maintain about an inch-long ash, forming a ball or cone shape. Your cigar’s ashes can tell a lot about some characteristics of your cigar. If it is well rolled, it can burn slowly and create a stiff ash up to two to three inches in length without bending or breaking.

Some cigars can hold an impressive amount of ash, but resist the impulse to knock it off!

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The ash itself and the technique used to ash a cigar can influence the quality of a smoke, including the flavor and scent. A well-maintained, inch-long cigar ash will optimize the cigar smoking experience.

And last but not least, then there is the matter of the ashtray! They are a critical accessory to fulfill the pleasure of smoking a cigar. So, whether you are a long time Cigar Aficionado or just want to start exploring the art of smoking a fine cigar, make sure to visit our Full Bar/Lounge & Cigar shop in Denver to find quality ashtrays and other cigar accessories, while enjoying your favorite drink or wine with the best hand rolled cigars in Colorado!