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Palma Cigars: A Cigar for Every Taste

The art of hand rolling cigars

Building cigars for over 15 years, Clay Carlton is a Master Cigar Roller. As an apprentice many years ago, the focus was to help preserve the art of cigar making. Now Clay blends all cigars for his own brand, Palma, and has developed blends for several other commercial cigar companies. Clay spends lots of his time in his shop in Denver, where rolls cigars for high end client and attends events for distinguished brands like Lamborghini and Bentley.

1014283_648200801875783_1045550655_nPalma Cigars are known for being the only handmade cigars in Colorado and for our premium cigars, made from high quality hand selected tobacco. We offer seven different blends, each one uniquely created by Clay, so echoing his words “I make a cigar for every taste”, there truly is a cigar for every palate!

Our cigar shop rolls, packs, sells, and ships our cigars, so you know we’re completely dedicated to our products. Our own line of Dominican Republic hand-rolled cigars, individually, boxed, or by the bundle compare to the very finest, well known cigars in the market. We’re more than happy to advise you on which cigars you’ll like best, as well on how to use the various accessories we carry.

Apart from cigars, you will find a wide range of accessories: travel cases, cigar boxes, humidors, lighters, singles, combination lighters with cutters, travel humidors, ash trays, cigar cutters, petites and more.

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Enjoy the Best Hand Rolled Cigars in Colorado at Casa de Palma Cigars

Palma Cigars has been in the cigar business for more than 25 years, so we know how to make quality cigars. We are the only cigar manufacturers in Colorado andhave our own line of Dominican Republic hand-rolled cigars that compare to the very finest, well known cigars.

Denver cigar shop and barWhether you are a long time cigar Aficionado or want to start exploring the art of smoking a fine cigar, make sure to visit our Full Bar/Lounge & cigar shop in Denver and enjoy your favorite drink or wine with the best hand rolled cigars in Colorado!