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How To Carry Your Cigars When Traveling

Some advice on selecting the right cigar case for you

Whether you are traveling or just want to carry your daily supply of cigars in your pocket, you need to protect them from physical damage as well as from drying. So today we want to share some insight on the different things to consider when choosing a portable cigar case or travel humidor.

Travel Humidors

They are compact enough to be packed in your briefcase or a carry-on bag, which makes them an ideal solution if you are a frequent flyer. So when shopping for a travel humidor, first make sure it can fit the size and shape of the cigars you prefer.

Military Enjoying Cigars Together

The other important aspect to consider is its durability. No matter the amount of good care you have towards your cigars, the travel humidor will move and even toss around in your suitcase or bag when traveling, not to mention that it’ll be frequently opened and closed during customs and security inspections. Hence, you’d want a sturdy one that can take some beating and still keep your cigars fresh and whole!

Cigar Tubes

These make for a good one-at-a-time solution, but it will help to keep your daily cigar properly humidified after being removed from the humidor at home or a store. There are elegant silver or wooden tubes that can keep individual cigars properly moisturized for up to 72 hours. The only drawback is that if you smoke more than one cigar a day, you’ll need to carry a few tubes on you.

Leather Cases

This makes for an elegant and classy solution, allowing you to carry a few cigars to enjoy during the day or share them with friends or business partners. If possible, look for a “fingered” case, so the cigars will stay in place. However, if you like to carry and smoke different kinds of cigars, maybe you’ll need an open case (without dividers) to be able to accommodate the variety of sizes. Additionally, choose a lined case so your cigars won’t take on a leathery taste and to avoid them being scratched by less-finished leather.

Cigar Boxes on display

Selecting the right cigar case can take a bit of time, as there are many options to choose from and different aspects to consider; but they are very functional and an accessory that will distinguish you as a person of taste. So whether you are a long time Cigar Aficionado looking for a new case or you need guidance navigating the many options in the market, make sure to visit our Full Bar/Lounge & Cigar shop in Denver to find quality travel humidors and cigar cases, while enjoying your favorite drink or wine with the best hand rolled cigars in Colorado!