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Components of a Cigar: Fillers, Binders & Wrappers

We all know that cigars are made up of tobacco leaves of course, but maybe you’ve wondered, how is that a cigar gets its particular blend of flavors and strength?. After all, it’s all tobacco, right? Well…yes, but is not that simple!!

The art of blending different tobacco leaves to create a distinctive and consistent flavor is a rare skill, found only in the hands of Master Cigar Rollers. But the quality and age of the leaves used are also a huge factor, creating an arrangement that gives us the components of a cigar.


Filler Tobacco

The fillers are the leaves in the center of a cigar, and they are generally responsible for how strong a cigar will be. There are many types of filler leaves, such as seco, olor, volado, and ligero; the latter being the fullest in flavor and strength.

Binder Leaf

As the name implies, the binder is used simply to keep the filler tobacco together and as such, it is usually the lowest grade of tobacco within a cigar. But despite its mainly structural purposes, a top cigar blender can use it to add more levels of flavor, strength and complexity to their cigars.

Wrapper Leaves

Namely, this one is the outside layer of tobacco on a cigar and it gives it one of its primary flavor components. These are normally the highest-quality tobacco leaf, and as such, they are the most expensive part of the cigar and must be thoroughly inspected by hand to ensure its perfection. Wrappers come in a variety of colors, ranging from Double Claro (the lightest) to Oscuro (darkest).

Casa De Palma in Denver

The art of hand rolling cigars in Colorado

Building cigars for over 15 years, Clay Carlton is a Master Cigar Roller. Now Clay blends all cigars for Palma Cigars, which are known for being the only handmade cigars in Colorado and for their very high quality, hand selected leaf cigars. We offer seven different blends, each one uniquely created by Clay, so echoing his words “I make a cigar for every taste”, there truly is a cigar for every palate!

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