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Cigar Accessories: The Humidor (Part 2)

5 Tips to select a Humidor

Our previous post explored the basics and importance of this indispensable cigar accessory. Investing in a Humidor is a big decision and one that should be done smartly, as good humidors aren’t cheap but there’s also no point in throwing away your money in a poor-quality one.

If you are a cigar connoisseur, you’ll know how valuable your cigar investment is and thus, will appreciate the need of protecting them until the right moment to light them up arrives. So today we’ll give you some tips to choose the right humidor for your needs!

Choosing the size

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The first step is to decide the size of the humidor you want. A good tip is to buy a humidor that’s a little bigger than what you think you need. Our knowledgeable staff can help and guide you on this (and the rest too!).

Go for quality, not price!

Look carefully at the construction and performance features of a humidor, as well as at its finish. Make sure that the seams are perfect and that the corners are square. Pay close attention to how the rim and lid fit together, which should shut tightly. But just to clarify, a humidor lid should not “seal” completely, as it should allow a small amount of air to circulate in and out of the box. However, if the gap is too big or if there’s any warping, then excess air will get in and too much moisture will be lost.

The next most important thing to look for on a humidor is the humidification device and the type of internal wood. These two are key elements to be able to achieve the proper moisture conditions needed to help the tobaccos blend into a fine cigar to age and mature.

Check the lid balance

A heavy lid is usually an advantage, as many humidors rely on the weight of the lid to keep them tightly shut. But a humidor should be designed to be in balance, whether it is open or shut. If the lid opens too far, its weight can cause the humidor to flip or fall; and if it doesn’t open far enough to stay balanced in an upright position, it can crash down on your fingers!

Protecting the contents


Given the value of your collection -whether it is emotional, financial, or both-, you may want to consider a humidor with a locking mechanism to protect your precious cigars from curious hands and thieves. Just make sure to have a duplicate key hidden somewhere safe, to avoid having to break your beautiful and expensive humidor if you lose the one key.

Handy extra features

Inner trays can make it easy for you to organize and rotate your collection. Within the humidor’s microclimate, you should place the driest cigars as far away as possible from the humidification device, for them to re-attain proper hydration as slowly and evenly as possible.

Handles can be very helpful on larger humidors, especially if you will be moving it around offering cigars. If you are going to put the humidor on a table or sideboard, a felt bottom will help protect the humidor and the furniture. And perhaps you may find it useful to get a humidor with magnets on the underside of the lid, so you can store a cigar cutter there!

Last but not least, you are buying a work of art, so make sure you love it. Most likely, it will be an important part of your home or office for many years to come!

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Whether you are a long-time cigar Aficionado or want to start exploring the art of smoking a fine cigar, make sure to visit our Full Bar/Lounge & Cigar shop in Denver to find quality humidors and other cigar accessories, while enjoying your favorite drink or wine with the best hand rolled cigars in Colorado!