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Cigar Accessories: The Humidor (Part 1)

What is a Humidor and what is its purpose?

Today we are going to write about one of the most important cigar accessories that a true cigar aficionado should have: The Humidor. We’ll start with the most basic stuff for those unfamiliar with the cigar world…

So simply put, a humidor is an elegant but simple storage container designed to control air flow and equipped with a device that regulates the internal humidity of the container. Any cigar storage that doesn’t have something to maintain the internal moisture is not a humidor; it’s just a box!

Cigar Boxes on display

Humidors can come in all sizes, from travel-sized that hold just a few cigars, to room-sized humidors that can hold thousands of boxes of cigars. Some humidors have a hygrometer to indicate the interior humidity, however, it’s actually not necessary to have a measuring gauge and when they do, the digital ones tend to give more accurate readings than the analog ones.

The art of keeping your cigars fresh for a long time

Cigars should stay in a humidor until they’re ready to be smoked. To maintain their freshness, the humidity inside a humidor should range between 70 to 75%, and the ideal internal temperature is a fine range of 68 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

But regardless of what a thermometer or hygrometer says, the real indication of a humidor’s performance is the condition of the cigars inside. If they are exuding a little oil, the conditions are perfect; but if they seem too dry, you need to add more water. In the unfortunate event of your cigars becoming moldy, you’ll have to throw them out no matter what the hygrometer says…(a minute of silence)

There’s even a species of beetle, -the tobacco beetle– which can quickly bear holes through the contents of the humidors. This usually happens when the humidor maintains a temperature above 75 degrees for more than 24 hours. If you find these little beasts in your humidor, you can try freezing the contaminated cigars for 48 hours, then transferring them to the refrigerator for an additional 24 hours before returning them to your humidor. The beetles and their larvae will not survive the cold.

Handrolled cigars

So, whether you are a long time Cigar Aficionado or want to start exploring the art of smoking a fine cigar, make sure to visit our Full Bar/Lounge & Cigar shop in Denver to find quality humidors and other cigar accessories, and of course, to enjoy your favorite drink or wine with the best hand rolled cigars in Colorado!