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4 Reasons Why We Offer the Best Hand-Made Cigars in Denver

There’s nothing better than a perfect hand-rolled cigar made by a real expert, and Casa de Palma has been delivering the finest Dominican Republic hand-rolled cigars in Denver for more than two decades. Today we are going to write about four reasons why you should buy your hand-made cigars in Denver at our shop:

Jose Dominguez Signature Series - Maduro

High-Quality Cigars

For more than 15 years, Clay Carlton has been hand-rolling cigars. Now as a Master Cigar Roller in Denver, he is the one in charge of making Palma Cigars the best high-quality hand-rolled cigars in Denver.

Full Bar / Lounge

At Casa de Palma we offer a unique Full Bar & Lounge, where you can come and relax with a glass of premium wine and high-quality hand-rolled cigars made by our Cigar Master Clay Carlton. We feel very proud of being one of the Colorado’s wine industry leader for more than 5 years. To accomplish this goal, we carefully select the best wines in the state from over 90 vintners.

Bar Las Palmas


We have available a wide variety of high-quality cigar accessories in Denver to make sure that you find everything you need at our cigar shop in Denver. Some of our accessories are travel cases, cigar boxes, humidors, lighters, singles, combination lighters with cutters, travel humidors, ashtrays, cigar cutters, Petites and more.


We are well known for being the only hand-made cigar manufacturer in Colorado. When you come to Casa de Palma, you can be sure you are getting an exclusive product made right here in Denver, Colorado.

We encourage you to visit Casa de Palma and learn why we have been Colorado’s finest hand-made cigar shop leader for a long time. We are sure that you will find what you want right here at our cigar shop in Denver.